EP 01: The Better Cinematographer Podcast - Interview with actor, Gamba Cole


It’s finally here!

I’m so hyped to finally get this first episode out.

In this episode of The Better Cinematographer Podcast I sat down to chat with London based actor Gamba Cole.

Breaking in to the industry

Gamba talks about his path into acting and his struggle trying to break into the industry while trying to hold down a 9-5 at the same time.

He talks about applying for a role as an extra and somehow landing a main role in the film almost by chance.

Lighting for different skin types

We talk about the extra care and attention he often gets as a black actor when it comes to lighting. As well as his experience working with Kate Reid BSC who was Director of Photography on the recent Amazon Prime series Hanna where Gamba played the character Anton.

good vibes only

Having the right vibe on set can make or break a shoot. Gamba and I talk about what it takes for him be in the right zone to perform at his best and his ideal working environment went it comes to interacting with the director of photography and the rest of the crew.

On the next

As I’m mention in the episode this whole podcast thing was 100% totally new to me a couple of months ago. I’d always been a fan, and listened to a lot of different podcasts but never tried to create one myself. So, I apologise if the audio quality is less than ideal but, I promise it will get better as the show goes on.

The aim is to put out a new episode every week. I’ll hopefully be dropping the episodes first thing Monday morning… (UK time)

Let me know what you think of this first episode. I’d love to know from you good people;

  • What do you think overall?

  • How I could improve for the next episode?

  • What kind of guest/department/crew member would you like to hear from?

Leave a comment below or hit me up on Instagram and slide all up in those DMs.

The podcast is now available to listen and download on most of the major platforms. Check the links below.

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